APRIL-NNL's commitment

 Our focus: 
  • Deployment of available knowledge from the perspective of effectiveness, quality and service integration (all in the widest sense), to support the actual large scale deployment in the field
  • A multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach with local collaboration, also with non-health parties
 Important issues that we see and would like to address: 
  • Sound and sustainable business case
  • Support for daily use
  • Social interaction with family etc.
  • Explicit incentives for motivation
  • Supporting dignity & privacy
  • Funding for prevention
  • Quality of service
  • Orchestrated and integrated approach in collaborative network
 Our contribution: 
  • Human, societal and organizational field
  • Multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach with strong user involvement
  • Whole innovation chain is covered (knowledge generation, enrichment and application)
  • Large scale deployment, effectiveness of care, return on investment, ICT, integration of services, quality of services