EIP AHA C2 Work Packages

  0   Management and Coordination    
    0.1   Coordination and Project Management    
    0.2   Co-ordination of EIP-AHA partners    
  1   Collating and sharing practice    
    1.1   User empowerment D5 (*)
    1.2   Innovative procurement D1  
    1.3   ROI in AHA D8 (*)
    1.4   Provision of technical elements that will be used in the EIP-AHA community D3 (*)
    1.5   User perceived interoperability evaluation framework D3 (*)
    1.6   Validated reference architecture / reference platform (including VoIP social alarm) D3 (*)
    1.7   Investigation of innovative approaches (agile interoperability, interoperability by design) D3 (*)
    1.8   Evidence refinement and criteria D8 (*)
    1.9   Existing repositories outside of the AHA community D8 (*)
  2   Analysis, guidelines and recommendations    
    2.1   Development of toolkit/guidance for user empowerment D5 (*)
    2.2   Development of guidance on innovative procurement D1  
    2.3   Reviewing and assessing existing cooperation platforms which could support the objectives of C2 repository of evidence, innovative procurement guidelines, toolkits and good practice documents on interoperability D2  
    2.4   Taxonomy for social and economic return on investment D8 (*)
    2.5   Provision of the Operational Guidelines for interoperability that will be used in the EIP-AHA community D3 (*)
    2.6   Best practice for interoperability specification, open source oriented developments, introduction of research results to the market D4  
    2.7   Recommendations D4  
  3   Promotion, dissemination and implementation    
    3.1   Development of framework promotion and dissemination plan for C2 Action Group D7  
    3.2   Dissemination of toolkit guidance for user empowerment D7  
    3.3   A European AHA cooperation platform D6 (*)
    3.4   Repository promotion and use D7  
    3.5   Marketing of the Database D7  
    3.6   Creation of a meaningful ecosystem community D7  

(*)   APRIL-NNL is committed to contribute to these activities