EIP AHA C2 deliverables

  D1 Guidelines on how to implement innovative procurement based on experiences in at least in Europe  
  D2 Identification of “fit for purpose” co-operation platform to support objectives of C2 action plan  
  D3 Interoperability process recommendation for EIP-AHA and recommendations for standardization (*)
  D4 Set of good practice documents for the implementation of independent living solutions based on experience in at least in Europe  
  D5 Toolkit/guidance for user empowerment incorporating co-creation, awareness raising and technology confidence building (*)
  D6 European AHA cooperation platform to incorporate continuous learning on procurement and user empowerment, and open, useable platforms, a roadmap and information on training and awareness raising (*)
  D7 A self-sustainable repository of information, practice and evidence to promote the deployment of independent living solutions.  
  D8 A report that identifies the current social and economic return on investment on existing implementations that fall under the scope of the action plan (*)

(*)   APRIL-NNL is committed to contribute to these activities